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Pontiac was formerly a part of General motors and was founded in the year of 1893. Pontiac has its headquarters at Detroit, Michigan and USA. Pontiac was first produced in 1907 under the name of Oakland motor company. It was renamed as Pontiac motor company in 1926. General Motors was responsible for the sales of Pontiac in United state, Mexico and Canada.

The first Pontiac automobile that was introduced was a high wheeler weighing  a 1000 pounds and was powered by a 12 horse power , water cooled engine. The first prototype was displayed in 1907 by the carriage dealers association at New York grand central place.

Since then Pontiac has manufactured many of the car models that possess almost all the features, they are powerful, sporty and luxurious all at the same time. For those who want to add in some extra horse power to their rides, the best option we have is that of the performance chips that will not only enhance the performance of your car but will also put you in charge of your car's efficiency. They are plug n play devices which are very easy to install and are economical as well.

The performance chips have many tasks to perform such as, the increase in engine power, improved point to point acceleration, enhances the timing curves , improves the torque and gives your car a whole ne life, which enables it to stand out any where you go. The performance chips are really easy to install and they can be fitted even by yourself, you just have to go through the installation manual that is provided with the performance chip, if not you can always visit the web sight for seeking the guide line regarding its installation. There are many good online shops which are offering their 24 hour services and are always ready to guide you towards the best possible package.

These performance chips are basically installed besides the ECU of your vehicle and what it does is the alteration in load tables of EC and enables you to control the amount of fuel coming inside the cylinders for burning and let you deal with the generation of horse power according to your wish.

Pontiac performance chips are installed in different stages, the stage 1 involves the less extensive settings. You just need to have this performance chip with you and the nothing else. You do not need any extra modification with it. It uses the less octane fuel and the horse power generation is enhanced to fairly good extent with even changing the stock settings of the car.

The stage 2 is bit more extensive and it requires a little more modifications than the first one. You need to install the air intake and a free flow exhaust is also recommended for better working of the engine. Once you have programmed the performance chip and have done the necessary modifications, your cars maximum acceleration will be remarkably improved. You can buy these chips from any of the good online shop that offers the best products and the best rates all around.

Pontiac performance chips

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Pontiac Performance Chips

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This article was published on 2010/03/26