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1. Jesse James Glyconutrients and Top Performance
You would be surprised if you knew how many medical, nutrition
and health authorities are involved in the research of

M.I.T. calls the entire glycomics field in nutrition one of the top ten
technologies which will shape our future. Four Nobel Prizes out of
the last eight have been awarded in Medicine for discoveries in
glycobiology (the field of glyconutrients as it applies to nutrition.)
The implications for nutrition and health are vast.

So what does this have to do with Jesse James? Well, for one
thing, we are pretty sure Jesse James did not die because of poor
nutrition. We are equally sure he had next to nothing to do with
the discovery of glyconutrients. We are absolutely sure he knew
nothing about stem cells, cellular health and performance,
antioxidants, and oxidative stress.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge, this article is the only source
tying Jesse James with glyconutrients. Of course, that's no great
accomplishment, seeing Jesse James has been linked with all
sorts of events in our history. Mostly unbelievable too.

Some say he was the real assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Some
say he was killed by a cowardly gangster with a shot to the back
of the head. Some say he traveled overseas and lived out his days
in a foreign country. Some say he moved to Canada to escape the
law here Still others say he lived a full life and died sometime in the early 20th Century.

It seems like no matter who you talk to, when the name Jesse
James comes up, you get some version of an American Robin
Hood, a train robber, a ruthless murderer, a kind father, a good
family man, a former Confederate avenging the proud ole South, a religious man, and a philanthropist. He even tried out for Baptist.
Hard to know what's true and what isn't in any field, especially
nutrition. Everybody sounds convincing ...well, to some extent.

I suppose we could add our two cents worth to the fine tradition. I
suppose we could say he discovered glyconutrients way ahead of
his time and that's how he survived all of those bullets. It was
glyconutrients that gave him all that energy for those bank and
train robberies, and glyconutrients was his special aging antidote
against oxidation stress. So he lived to a ripe ole agewhen the
rest of America was not averaging anywhere near 70 years old which he purportedly surpassed.

Can you explain that ? Hard to believe all of the claims, isnt it? But, that's how legends are born. Frankly, that's the problem when dealing with glyconutrients. also. So many claims made about glyconutrients in the fields of nutrition, medicine, energy and health performance.

But, it sounds so convincing and all-encompassing that people
become suspicious. It just seems to be too good to be true. After all, glyconutrients are a brand new health discovery and the subject of four Nobel Prizes. Let that sink in. That isn't normal, even for Nobel Prizes. As stated, the field of glyconutrients has been hailed by M.I.T. as one of the Top 10 emerging fields which will change our world.

Glyconutrients are now known as a breakthrough discovery in
cellular repair, oxidation stress (all athletes deal with this issue)
and medical research. That includes tissue and organ repair, more
rapid healing, and health rejuvenation in the body. Also,
glyconutrients are the key to cellular communication and thus to our immune system.

Glyconutrients answers the why question of certain healing
substances such as aloe vera, breast milk, Echinacea, garlic,
coconut milk, certain anti-bacterial mushrooms - since each of
these contains glyconutrients. These are all used by athletes for
varying reasons, not the least of which is top health performance.
For the first time in history, medical and nutrition researchers now
know why these substances work so well in healing and cell

Glyconutrients are responsible for helping people with certain
cancers, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, flu, sinusitis, HIV,
shingles, asthma, strep, TB, Candida, eczema, hepatitis B and C,
Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, MS, Psoriasis, Lupus, Crohns Disease ,
Celiac, Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis, ADD, ADHD, Infertility, Alzheimers,
Scleroderma and oxidation stress which harms athletes and athletic performance, and yes even aging (See Glyconutrients and Ponce de Leon)

Now, do you see the problem? They seems to do just about
everything. Like Jesses James. But, theres a reason for that.

2. If you were Jesse James

If you were Jesse James, and someone asked you what do you
do for a living. You wouldn't say, "Well, I am a train,
stagecoach and bank robber". You might say something like, "I'm into banks. Or "I've made a career in finance." You might even mumble something about how much in demand you are in the
transportation industry.

It's important to get it right about glyconutrients too. We live in a
society used to dealing with each disease condition separately.
Everything is assumed to have an antidote of its very own. If you
were to ask your doctor what cures strep, he might say penicillin. If
you were to ask, What cures cancer the doctor might say
radiation and chemotherapy. Actually, those are mistaken answers.

You see, none of those antidotes are the primary remedy for
any disease. The primary antidote is your immune system. Which is the reason glyconutrients are a tough sell. Telling people what it does with our immune system leaves them wondering if you are giving them an "I'm into banks" kind of an answer.

Telling them things such as:

Glyconutrients strengthen the immune system to produce macrophage and immune killer cells which attack malignancies.

Glyconutrients increase the production of substances that
target cancer cells

Glyconutrients activate T-cells to recognize and destroy invasive
and abnormal cells.

Glyconutrients help regulate oxidation stress in athletes... the
terrible build up of free radicals during athletic performance, which
does damage to the tissues of the body.

True Yes.

Exciting Hardly.

Sounds more like a lecture in chemistry class.

Statements like these impress people about as strongly as telling them you're the best hockey player in Uruguay.

People want to hear something direct, credible (and even
sensational) such as, It kills cancers because it has this special
element that zaps tumors. After all, people have a hard time
envisioning a substance that bolsters the immune system.

Granted, that is a huge truth because it affects all diseases and
every health performance issue known to mankind. But, most people yawn right through it.

People like it simple and direct. But, direct is not always most
informative, especially if it's not complete.

Here's direct. Glyconutrients do not kill anything. They do not
cure anything. It does not attack anything. What it does is provide eight critical nutrition substances (albeit sugars there are over 200
sugars in nature) for the body. They were hitherto unknown.
Which is the reason most athletes don't know about them yet.

Those sugars provide each cell with capabilities which bolster the
immune system and intercellular communication. You can't live
without those eight sugars. In short, a deficiency of these
extraordinary sugars is linked to everything from diabetes to
arthritis from flu to strep from allergies to psoriasis.

Glyconutrients are so basic to life, every cell in the body needs it
or it simply cannot perform. Glyconutrients are the chemistry which
provides the atomic strength for the immune system and cell performance.

Glyconutrients can leap tall buildings in a single...

Uh... I suppose I'll just tell em that's why Jesse James lived so
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Nutrition, Jesse James and Optimum Performance

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