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Modifying a car into a performance masterpiece is every petrol heads dream,in order to take it for a track day. For your turbo charged car,an increased turbo spool up can be achieved using Megan racing downpipes. They are designed specifically for different vehicles according to their make.A noticeable performance is achieved throughout the rev-range of the engine by allowing restriction free air flow. Any performance car is expected to out handle the stock version of it by a great margin. Shocks are considered as important criteria because,being a performance vehicle,they are subjected to larger punishments while racing. Performance shocks like Tokico shocks are engineered and designed to withstand such punishments and deliver better traction and supreme performance.

More power is a major factor a performance vehicle should be accompanied with.An easy way to achieve increased horse power is to replace the stock engine header with a performance version. OBX Racing Headers is one such example of engineering marvel in the field of motorsports.They are dyno-tested at different levels of engine speed (low to high rpm). They can be fitted without any modification to your stock engine using direct bolt-on. Mandrel-bend for these headers is designed to enhance restriction-free exhaust gas flow.

After all these modifications done on your vehicle,it is important to ensure that combustion rate is maintained by allowing adequate fuel flow to intake manifold.A Walbro fuel pump when compared to OEM (Original Manufacturer Spec) allows high pressure fuel flow for racing purposes.They can be fitted to any non performance vehicle since the fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators ensure that only required amount of fuel is sent to the intake manifold. Therefore,fuel flow can be easily maintained at any rpm.

High quality coil over system must be used in a racing car to deliver maximum handling performance and to attain better traction. D2 racing coilovers are built for the purpose with 36-way damping and ride height adjustments.Threads are Teflon coated to help protect from corrosion with an outstanding CNC finish.To improve the thermal efficiency of the vehicle, a cold air intake system can be fitted to the vehicle.As the temperature of the inlet air decreases,the power delivered as output increases since more oxygen is available for a given volume due to the denser nature of cold air.

Fujita air cold air intake is one such system that enables the engine to breathe cool delivering more oxygen to enhance complete combustion.All these upgrades performed on any car can transform it into a completely different animal and can outrun any stock vehicle in its category considering handling and other performance features.

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Easy Performance Upgrades

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This article was published on 2010/10/26